Microsoft Kinect Pushes Limits on Motion Control

15 Jun

I have had my fair share of fun and games with the Wii. And, of course, my daughters love it! The Wii has single-handedly ushered in more moms into the gaming arena than ever before, but now there is another gaming console that is sure to make even more mothers perk up and pay attention: Microsoft’s Kinect. After all, most of Microsoft’s promo videos for Kinect have moms in them. They know we spend money and hold the purse strings on the household budget!

Built on XBox 360 you will now no longer have to use a device for motion control like using the Nintendo Wii and Sony’s new Playstation Move. Your body is the controller. Take a look!

While I didn’t attend E3, it is important to note some of the early reactions to Kinect. USA Today said is was the real deal, but PC World said it’s a bit laggy and PC Mag called it a gimmick. We won’t be able to let you know for sure until we try it out and that might not be until November. Sigh.

Microsoft’s Kinect will hit store shelves on November 4, just in time for holiday spending.

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