Atari Slated to Release Centipede: Infestation on Wii and DS3

21 Apr

All of us old-timers know how great it was to play Centipede whether it was in the arcade or on our classic Atari console. The only thing that is a little disappointing is the modern Centipede doesn’t look anything like the game we remember and love. After all it is 2011 and I guess Atari just couldn’t be too old skool.

Announced today, Centipede Infestation, a post-apocalyptic action experience that features run-n-gun shooting style gameplay with tower defense-style objects, paying homage to the original Centipede while bringing the brand into the 21st century. Players assume the role of an orphaned teenager hero named Max as he trudges through the wasteland, fighting off giant bugs. During Max’s travels he encounters a young teen named Maisy who possesses a collection of seeds that hold the secret to bringing plant life back to the wasteland. Max and Maisy join forces to grow these gardens and protect the last natural resources on earth. (Atari)

Centipede Infestation will be available in the fall for both the Wii and DS3.


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