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Star Wars: The Old Republic Opens Guilds, Good Move or Bad?

11 Mar

I’m not sure what I think about this news yet. We have all heard about Star Wars: The Old Republic and how it has the potential to be a WOW killer.

Yesterday, Bioware opened up guild making and guilding joining capabilities for The Old Republic and I’m not sure if I want to rejoice or fume. The MMO was purported to come out this year (now pushed back until 2012) and I’m wondering if this is just a slick move to keep us on our toes and our interests piqued.

What do you think?

Image Credit: Bioware and Lucas Arts


Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Trailer

20 Jun

So, it’s pretty common that gamers are getting more and more excited about the upcoming Star Wars MMO. I know BioWare and Lucas Arts want to do a fantastic job on this MMO (something that will literally blog WOW out the water), but gamers are anxious to play it. Hurry up already! It also doesn’t help when a cinematic trailer is released as it was this week that so thoroughly whets our appetites. The suspense is definitely killing me and everyone else who is anticipating this new MMO!

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, make sure to take a look. It will have you asking, “When does this game come out again? And, why is it taking so long?”

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