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Little Big Planet 2 – Release Date January 18, 2011

14 Jan

If you are like millions around the world, then surely you are looking forward to next week. Sony’s Little Big Planet 2 hits store shelves on January 18, 2011.

We know, there has been a long wait time, but by all indications, Little Big Planet 2 is well worth it.

You can pre-order Little Big Planet 2 here.

Be sure to check out G4’s review. They gave it a 5/5. We can’t wait to get our hand on a copy!


Sony Courts Mom Bloggers

23 Jun

I think it’s interesting that Sony will be actively reaching out to mom bloggers very soon. According to a recent Media Post article Sony essentially will be shoving PS3s in mom influencers’ hands. Microsoft has been working with mom bloggers for years. And Nintendo’s core consumer is the casual, lifestyle gamer, also known as mom! In fact, I was one of EA Sports Active’s original contestants helping it become the #1 fitness video game of all time, so I know of what I speak.

Seeing the success of the Wii there is no doubt Sony is looking to capitalize on this demographic as well. But first they have to get PS3s into the hands of moms to really test out Move, Sony’s new movement detection technology. If mom bloggers like it, Sony’s Move may become a big hit! If it seems like a Wii knock-off, Sony may not fare too well during the holidays!

My hunch is that mom bloggers will love it. The technology does look promising, but will it convince parents to push their Wii aside? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Sony’s PlayStation Move: Is it Just Another Wii?

20 Jun

After watching the demo of Playstation Move at E3 I was so excited about the possibilities of using it in more advanced role playing games. But, after taking a look at the games that Move will be compatible with in the fall I am left a little disappointed. Right now the games like Sports Champions and Start the Party are pretty low-tech compared with the potential capabilities of the technology that were demoed at E3.

I wonder how long it will take before companies make games that will push the limits of Move well beyond sports and children’s games and simple first person shooting games? I can use my Wii for that!

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