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Did Social Gaming Kill the Soaps?

13 Jun

There is no doubt about it, the Internet killed the soaps, but I’m not quite so sure social gaming can claim all the credit.

Granted I don’t have studies or stats to back up my theory, but as a mom I know my online habits and those of my fellow friends and acquaintances. I believe a three-pronged approach killed the soaps – social media, blogs, and social gaming.

According to Marketing Pilgrim Jay Samit, CEO of Social Vibe, recently said, “Social games have become the modern “Calgon Moment” for busy women who often feel life spiraling out of control around them. Now she can have the perfect farm or restaurant, a world that’s in order and it’s a very peaceful experience. That’s what killed the soap opera.”

While I believe Samit is right to a certain extent, social gaming is only one reason the soaps failed. You can’t discount how many women are started and growing their own blogs and posting and communicating on social networks. Moms are moving from idly watching media to creating their own online realities – no scripted programming needed. I also have to say that there is more to gamer moms than social gaming. There are some hardcore gamer moms out there. Too bad it’s going to take the industry another five years to figure it out.


[Must-See] Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer: Return

8 Jun

This is exciting, y’all. Cannot wait until this game is released

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Video] The New Wii: WiiU

7 Jun

If you haven’t heard the news from E3 today or if you haven’t seen the great news from Nintendo about their new Wii, the WiiU, take a look.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Make Reveals During E3 Week

7 Jun

So many of us are anxiously waiting for the pending launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic that any news from them is soaked up feverishly.

Bioware sent out an email to its community members today telling them to keep an eye on the site this week as they will be revealing new information about the game. Who knows what this information will be. I have a hunch it won’t be that mind-blowing.

The wait continues…

Star Wars: The Old Republic Opens Guilds, Good Move or Bad?

11 Mar

I’m not sure what I think about this news yet. We have all heard about Star Wars: The Old Republic and how it has the potential to be a WOW killer.

Yesterday, Bioware opened up guild making and guilding joining capabilities for The Old Republic and I’m not sure if I want to rejoice or fume. The MMO was purported to come out this year (now pushed back until 2012) and I’m wondering if this is just a slick move to keep us on our toes and our interests piqued.

What do you think?

Image Credit: Bioware and Lucas Arts

What Are You Playing?

2 Feb

There are so many new games out that I don’t know what to concentrate on. We asked over in our forum, what are you playing right now. And also what are you looking forward to? There was a shout-out to Lord of the Rings, Laura Croft and Call of Duty Black Ops.

Conduit 2 is coming out on March 22. That’s great news! We’ll be blogging about that very soon. Also, RIFT is pretty good. Anyone played it?

Share what you’re playing here.

Female Storm Trooper – The Old Republic

14 Jan

Everyone is highly anticipating the release of The Old Republic, the upcoming Star Wars MMO from Lucas Arts and Bioware. Now, we’re really excited about the release because they have included female troopers. How amazing is this?