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IBM Microprocessors to Power the New Wii U

9 Jun

I love learning about the technology behind the powerful machines we use day in and day out. It’s funny because most of us don’t understand how complex and smart the technology is behind what we think are some of the simplest machines to use like our smartphones, computers, laptops, and gaming systems.

Did you know that IBM’s microprocessor will power Nintendo’s latest Wii, the WiiU?

The all-new, power-based microprocessor will pack some of IBM’s most advanced technology into an energy-saving silicon package that will power Nintendo’s brand new entertainment experience for consumers worldwide. IBM’s unique embedded DRAM, for example, is capable of feeding the multi-core processor large chunks of data to make for a smooth entertainment experience.

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Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor, 2012 Release

25 Apr

Up until today everything surrounding what I’m calling the Wii 2 has been rather cryptic. Even though tech and gamer journalists kept trying to pry crucial information out of the gaming giant they wouldn’t confirm or deny, that is until today.

Nintendo will show a playable model of the Wii successor at the E3 Expo – June 7 – 9, 2011 in Los Angeles. Nintendo has sold 86.01 Wiis to date.

Read the release on the Nintendo Japan web site.

Does Nintendo Have Something Amazing Planned for the Wii 2?

18 Apr

It’s almost certain that Nintendo will make a major annoncement at E3 in June about their second generation Wii. According to today’s Guardian, Wii 2: all the rumours in one handy story, the Wii 2 is rumored to have more powerful capabilities than the XBox 360 and PS3. That’s a little hard to believe, but given the mad rush and buzz about Kinect and Move you knew Nintendo would come out swinging, and swinging hard!

This is a strategic power move to reposition themselves as the reigning king of motion gaming. I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves.